Strategy is important to maximize the usage of limited resources to achieve your business’ goals.

Our organization’s core competencies are focused on satisfying client needs or preferences in order to achieve maximum returns. This is done through organization-level strategies. Organizational level strategies detail actions taken to provide value to clients to gain a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific, individual product or service markets. Organizational-level strategy is concerned with a firm’s position in an industry, relative to competitors and to the five forces of competition.

Three generic strategies that helped Maxary as an organization to establish as a competitive advantage over industry rivals are as follows:


1. Cost of Operation

Maxary competes for a wide range of customers based on price. Price is based on our internal efficiency in order to have a margin that will sustain excellent returns and cost to the customer as well as our organization. This is working successfully as our products/services are standardized, and can offer the lowest price. Continuous efforts to lower costs relative to competitors is making Maxary a successful cost leader.

2. Differentiation

Maxary differentiates from our competitors by the unique features and characteristics of our organization’s products/services, rather than just by offering the lowest price. This has been achieved by high quality, features, high customer service, rapid product innovation, advanced technological features, image management, and so on.

We create value by:

  • Lowering Buyers’ Costs – Higher quality means less breakdowns and a quicker response to problems.
  • Raising Buyers’ Performance – Buyer may improve performance and have a higher level of enjoyment.
  • Sustainability – Creating barriers by perceptions of uniqueness and reputation, creating high switching costs through differentiation and uniqueness.

3. Using an Integrated Low-Cost/Differentiation Strategy

Our strategy has made us withstand the professional services business and helped us in the global presence. This helped us to see improvement in our ability to:

  • Adapt to environmental changes
  • Learn new skills and technologies
  • More effectively leverage core competencies across business units and products lines, enabling us to produce products with differentiated features at lower costs.

To learn more about what sets Maxary apart or to request any of our range of small business IT solutions, contact our team today.

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Maxary provides IT strategy consulting to help clients improve their performance through the analysis of existing problems.

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Outsourcing, or global sourcing, is a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity, and reduce work cycles.

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Maxary provides technology services through industry-specific partnerships and global alliances.

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Strategy is important to maximize the usage of limited resources to achieve your business’ goals.